Bike Parking Guidelines & Licensing

In an effort to create a safer and more vibrant environment for everyone in our community, the City of Oberlin has enacted ordinances providing the following guidelines for bicycle parking in the City

For a Safer City

Bicycles should be secured/locked to any of the bike racks provided throughout the City

Bicycles shall not be parked on the street or on a bike rack in the Central Business District* for   longer than 24 hours

It is prohibited to secure/lock a bicycle to trees, street lights, stop signs or other public property on City streets or sidewalks**

Anyone who violates any of these provisions may be issued a $20 bicycle violation ticket

If the person who is in violation is not present and cannot be located, the bicycle may be confiscated by the Oberlin Police Department and will not be released until proof of ownership has been established and the fine has been paid

Confiscated bicycles that have not been returned to the owner after 90 days will be disposed of in accordance with the law



Bicycle licenses are offered free of charge at anytime. Please make sure you have your bicycle make, model, and serial number ready along with a list of identifiable parts. DOWNLOAD Bicycle Registration and bring completed form to Oberlin Police Department. Or fill out ONLINE HERE