Solicitor's Permit


Before Solicitor Permits (ID cards) are issued, a completed application for each individual requestor must be processed. The 2 page form, including specific issue and expiration dates, should be faxed to (440) 774-1150 or mailed to 85 S. Main St., Oberlin, OH 44074. Once an application has been received and the necessary background checks have been completed, the process of creating the ID card for a qualifying applicant begins.

If valid phone numbers and driver’s license numbers are provided, the ID card should be ready in 48 hours or less (processing times are Mon – Fri, between the hours of 9am to 3pm.) ID cards for individuals with out of state drivers licenses may require additional processing time.

After 48 hours someone must contact Administrative Coordinator Wey to see if the Permit (ID card) is ready to be picked up. ONLY THOSE WHO APPEAR IN PERSON AT THE POLICE STATION WILL BE GIVEN THE ID CREATED FOR THAT INDIVIDUAL.

Payment must be made at the time an ID card is picked up by the requestor, checks or cash only.


  • One Day: $5.00 One Week: $10.00
  • One Month: $15.00 Three Months: $20.00
  • Six Months: $25.00 One Year: $30.00
  • Exempt: I. D. Card (Required) $2.00


  • 751.01 Definitions
  • 751.02 Registration Required
  • 751.03 Application for Certificate: Fees; Duration; Exemptions
  • 751.04 Issuance of Certificate
  • 751.05 Display of Registration Certificate: Return
  • 751.06 Restrictions
  • 751.07 Trespassing in Violation of Posted Signs
  • 751.08 Revocation of Certificate
  • 751.09 Signs to be Posted
  • 751.99 Penalty


The Oberlin Police Department now offers WebCheck electronic fingerprinting for occupations or licensing requiring digital submission for civilian background checks

Fingerprinting Fees for this service:

  • BCI Only:   $27.00
  • FBI Only:   $30.00
  • BCI & FBI: $57.00
  • Hard copy FBI applicant cards can still be rolled for $5.00

Fingerprinting can be done 24/7, but please call (440) 774-1061 first to ensure the booking area is available.